“Il Behind the Scenes” of my estimate

In the price there is a list of services offered, there are many operations that take a long time that you do not see and that, only a professional photographer like me, is to ensure that your most beautiful day is transformed, in complete safety, in a spontaneous story printed in an album or delivered digitally.

Start preparing your wedding before the fateful day. In fact I do the inspection, I study the logistics and plan the schedules according to your needs, to ensure that everything happens within the established time and in the correct way. Yes, because if that day will remain in your hearts as the most beautiful day of your life is also due to the teamwork that behind the scenes are the suppliers of marriage, photographer in the first place.

I do a breafing with my team so that everyone is aware of the schedule. I prepare my equipment the day before, check that everything is working perfectly, I clean the optics and verify that the cards are empty and well formatted.

When you return from your wedding, I immediately download the cards and above all I immediately make 3 backup copies. Your event is for me very important and above all unrepeatable. So in addition to the 2 copies of photos during shooting, I immediately back up my hard drives.

Well we are about half the work!

Now the selection of photos begins. Basic operation to give the right mood to your love story. It is a delicate, long and crucial operation for the subsequent phases. I always do this within at most the first week of your marriage. It is essential because the experience with you and your guests is still warm in me.

Select the photos you switch to post production of the photos for albums that others to be delivered on digital media. This phase is the heart of the development of your story, because it concretizes how I “saw” marriage. Post I produce every single photo in depth.

The last phase is the layout of the album and the subsequent control with you of the draft. Once defined together, the album goes to press.

This is the time aspect, then there are all the tools that lead me to improve and update myself continuously, namely the training courses. I make it 3 times a year with great satisfaction.

Now do you understand why a careful and serious professional photographer costs more than one improvised photographer?

If you think that a professional photographer costs too much, maybe you do not know how much an incompetent will cost you!

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