The importance of choosing the right photographer!

The choice of the photographer for the day of your wedding is very important because only the photos will make you remember forever the emotions and the vicissitudes of the most important day of your life.

Listen to what happened to me a short time ago …

Simone Sforna ed Elisa Paggi were fought in the choice of the photographer, because both had immediately understood the importance of this decision and the importance of not being able to make mistakes. They were undecided because the market offers many solutions and many facets. We met twice before they entrusted their day to me.


Unfortunately or fortunately, the right photographer is just one!


Yes, because the photographer has to reflect you, you must know how to understand and above all there must be a strong empathy.

After explaining to them my way of working and above all the advantages that my innovative way of working offers, they realized that I would be more of a photographer to them and that I would certainly take pictures of them.

You have trusted me and you can see the result in the picture below, which are the mirror of the souls of Simone and Elisa. I am very satisfied with the work done with them!

Telling a couple’s love story is a wonderful thing, but just as difficult and responsible and to do it as I do it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of passion for this job.

Simone and Elisa’s wedding was very emotional both for their great sensitivity and for the magic that New Year’s Eve offers you. Even though it was very cold and suffered a bit, taking pictures in the center of Assisi was a unique emotion … Christmas decorated for Christmas is fantastic!

The cold has been largely repaid by the result. That hour of photo was fun and special.

Thanks Simone and Elisa for putting in my hand the most important day of your life … the vowel you sent me after seeing the photos I showed you yesterday evening, is the precise confirmation of what I wrote above.


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