Empathy in wedding photography

“Empathy: in psychology, in general, the ability to understand the state of mind and emotional situation of another person, in an immediate way, mainly without recourse to verbal communication More specifically, the term indicates those phenomena of participation intimate and identifying through which the aesthetic understanding would be realized “. [Treccani].

Before analyzing the importance of empathy in wedding photography, I want to focus your attention on two other very important aspects:



“Timidity is composed of the desire for pleasure and the fear of not being able to do so.” – Edme-Pierre Chauvot de Beauchêne

During a wedding report, each performs a role, well-defined and established: the subject grants himself to the lens, the photographer looks at him.

Being observed invades the sphere of confidentiality and stimulates the most intimate part of each individual: his sense of modesty. It is normal to feel the sensation of shyness … an uneasiness, an embarrassment, mixed with awe. Add to this the fear of not being up to it, not being enough.

You are not completely satisfied with your image. You become shy in a world where appearing perfect seems to have the highest importance.

The shame to be photographed comes from their insecurities, from a dissatisfaction with their appearance, their image. The fear of not being photogenic, or being judged by others, with a stern look, recalls a constant ‘feeling imperfect’, unsuitable.

But that is not all.

It can hide a deeper fear: that of being “laid bare” and being revealed as we really are. It is the fear of seeing oneself with the eyes of others and of perhaps finding contradicted the image that everyone projects on himself.



A beautiful portrait photograph is not a technical documentation of a person’s physicality, but a revelation of his personal and unique beauty.

Photogenic becomes: what really matters is to let something of itself shine through a look, an instinctive gesture. An emotion, a small glimmer of the soul.

Relying completely on the sensitivity and the ability to feel details of a photographer capable of understanding you, trying to overlook the part of us that you do not accept, becomes a starting point to get to know each other and become aware of themselves and their potential.

The experience of wedding photography thus becomes a moment of exploration and analysis, an act of investigation, in which to expose oneself to discover a different reading of oneself.

The final images will become traces of a unique moment: one day as protagonists, in which to learn to see each other, overcome the embarrassment.



If the prerogative of a good portrait is to represent the subject in its best light, ease, naturalness and spontaneity are the basic prerequisites for obtaining a good result.

But then, how do you overcome shyness in front of the camera?

When you decide to get a marriage story done, the basic compromise is to let yourself be seen! Not simply to be seen, but observed.

The wedding photography, as in that of portrait (still portraits are spoken) presuppose a serene and conscious consensus, thanks to which defenses are lowered. The photographer behind the lens of his camera examines, scrutinizes, investigates the search for something: a detail, a small detail. Explore.

The entire photographic session thus translates into a desire for contact with the subject, waiting for the exact moment in which the barriers fall.

This is the moment when the photographer is aware of being able to see beyond appearances and photograph the essence.

Forget to be in front of the goal, try to be spontaneous, try to relax and not think about the result, but enjoying the moment and having fun is not as simple as it is. In any case, entrusting one’s own image to the hands of a stranger is not a trivial matter.




Trust is a central point of the relationship established with the photographer: it is based not only on his portfolio and on his technical skills, but on the alchemy necessary to ensure that he feels free to be able to rely on him without reservation.

That magic, is called empathy, from the Greek “εμπαθεία”: en- “inside” and -pátheia “suffering or feeling”.

It is the ability to establish a deep contact with the subject, which allows us to get in tune with him, “putting himself in his shoes”, seeing with his eyes, listening with his ears, feeling with his heart. A mind-minded link, soul with soul, which allows the photographer to be able to read emotions and immediately understand the state of mind of those in front of their goal. And for this to be able to put it at ease.

The interaction between photographer and subject during a wedding is not just a mutual exchange in which photos

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