How take true photos in a wedding

Nothing could be easier, just have empathy with the spouses!

Last week a couple of boys came to study who will marry in 2020 and are already looking for the photographer for their wedding.

They moved very early, because seeing the albums of some of their friends, they were impressed because the photos were beautiful but did not convey emotions!

The only thing that remained of them, after seeing those photos, was the photographer’s technique. “Those photos” – they repeated to me several times – “they didn’t tell emotions, they were cold and, above all, the subjects all had fake and equal laughs.”

After seeing my photos, first in digital format, then browsing through my albums, they told me: “Mirko, the more we look at your photos, the more we feel like being there in the middle of the scene and experiencing their own emotions. Your photos are … REAL! They convey just the emotion of the moment “.

The brain is able to understand if a person is laughing spontaneously or not!

A study of the University of London has discovered it, according to which the neurological responses are different. The researchers studied the brain activation of some subjects, who did not know what the topic of the study was, while they heard people laughing first in a genuine way, caused by watching funny videos, and then pretending. “Not only does the brain notice when the person is not sincere – the authors write – but in the case of fake laughter the brain regions associated with reflection are activated, in an attempt to understand the emotions of the other person and their state mental “.

How does a person smile spontaneously if he is not comfortable with those in front of him? How can she be herself in complete serenity if she doesn’t have a certain empathy with those around her.

For this reason before the photos for me there is a human relationship with my couples. It is a strong necessity that I have to create a good human relationship. The path that I always do with my spouses allows me to arrive on the wedding day to have an excellent empathy and to make sure that your only thought will be to get married and celebrate together with your guests.

I am convinced that when you look at the photos of your marriage after a few years, the most important thing you will want to remember will be the emotions you have experienced. Without this your photos will not be “yours”.

The purpose of the wedding photographer is not to simply take good pictures, but to make a story of you and for you, a story that can tell your uniqueness.

Precisely for this reason I specialized in telling your most important day spontaneously. While working at a wedding I get involved in your emotions. On the other hand, how could I tell you about your emotions if I am not the first to get excited with you?!

So please be careful when choosing the photographer for your most important day!

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