As in all my weddings, I had the pleasure of meeting and getting in touch with the spouses already months before their big day.

Because my watchword in my work is EMPATY! Without having created empathy, I would only take simple photos and not a spontaneous story made up of REAL photos that talk about them.Already during the first minutes of the prenuptial period I had perceived that this marriage would be truly overwhelming…. I perceived that their watchword would have been CHEERFULNESS.

And so it was!

I arrived at Ilaria’s house and was greeted with a big smile, both from her and from her family and this fully reflects their personality.

The smile dominated the whole day and this, thanks to the empathy that had been established between me and all the guests of their wedding, allowed me to realize the splendid report that you can preview in this article.

Everything went as Jacopo and Ilaria wanted …

We arrived in the church very punctual (Anzi Ilaria, now we can say it … you were in advances of 3 minutes!), The ceremony in the church took place in the sign of discretion and we arrived at the restaurant on time, without uselessly waiting for the guests.

Many of you often ask me how it is possible that everything goes as planned. The answer is simple if there are three fundamental ingredients: professionalism, organization and harmony.

PROFESSIONALISM: your photographer must be professional (which is different from a professional … that’s why having the VAT number is enough), understanding your needs and organizing yourself in the best way to make everything run smoothly. It is not at all easy or trivial, but after years of experience it can be done.

ORGANIZATION: the scrolling of the event should never be left to chance. Every detail has to be planned together with the spouses and discussed with the whole team that will work on your photos that day. This avoids unnecessary loss of time, works with greater ease and the unexpected becomes a rarity indeed.

TUNING: I will never stop saying it … two people who do not know each other and are not in harmony with each other cannot be together for a day without being uncomfortable. The wedding day is full of emotions and tensions … the photographer must be a figure that supports you and of which you have no fear whatsoever. If the photographer makes you feel comfortable in the photos, it shows.

The party at the Delfina Palace Hotel was an explosion of fun, combined with good food and lots of fun. I felt like I was at home, as if all the guests had always known them.

Dances, dedications to the bride and groom, good music and engaging animation … and of course lots of laughs … so the newlyweds were celebrated.

I returned home after this marriage with a strong charge of positivity and with a hint of displeasure because, despite being very tired, I wished it would never end.

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