Welcome to the FAQ section of my website where you can find answers to the most frequent questions that couples of future spouses give me. For all the other questions you have in mind to make me, contact me and I will have the pleasure of filling all your gaps.

1 – Mirko, do you work only in Umbria or do you also go away?

I work all over Europe. Obviously the price changes according to the distance, because for me it means different expenses of movement and possible accommodation.

2 – Do you personally follow our marriage or send someone from your studio?

I personally follow your wedding. I’ll take only one wedding in a day. Even the post-production phase is personally followed by me.

3 – Do you work alone or in a team?

I work with a team of qualified and trained people.

4 – How much does your service cost?

Ask me for an appointment and after having met and understanding your needs I will give you a personalized quote.

5 – After how much time will you give me the photos and / or the album?

It depends on the period of marriage and the chosen services. My delivery times range between 2 and 5 months.

6 – What is your photographic style?

I am specialized in putting people at ease to grasp their true spontaneity. I tell your love story, exploiting the empathy I build, guiding you with the sensitivity that distinguishes me. I do not think I have a well-defined style, I love to have fun and with the camera I want to create images that have the ability to excite even after tens of years. I do not take simple pictures but I tell a story and to do so I use the spontaneity of the events leaving you free to enjoy the day and to stay with your friends and relatives more expensive. I will be able to capture unique and unrepeatable moments like a father’s tear, a friend’s embrace, a look of complicity, the mother who lovingly arranges the veil, a child who yawns during the ceremony, an uncle who dances drunk on the table and many other special moments. In addition I will also take pictures of you, using locations chosen together, which represent you, never exaggerate in the poses, because your spontaneity always comes out.

7 – Can we have the service without albums?

Yes, I can.

8 -Do you even video?

Yes, I use professionals with whom I have been collaborating for several years. I have selected videographers in line with my style and have the same passion.

I strongly believe, and the experience confirms it every day, that if the couple choose me, and also want the video of their wedding, they willingly advise and always remain very satisfied because the two final products are complementary and in line.

I work with great agreement with my collaborators, without interfering in the activities of others, with a look or a small gesture we understand each other and, something very important during the ceremony, we manage to move with discretion and in silence.

In case there are friends or relatives who shoot video, as there are relatives who take pictures, for me there is no problem, they will be part of the story of the day, I just hope that they do not disturb you. Having any Go Pro rods in the shots, maybe just as you exchange faiths may bother you when you look at the photos.

9 – How many hours will you work during our wedding?

It depends on the type of event you are organizing and the service package you want to choose.

10 – Who will choose the photos to post produce or put on the album?

I will personally take care of the selection of the photos. If something does not like you, together we will find the photos to be replaced.

11 – Mirko, we have seen many photos on the site and on the blog, do you always ask for the release to use the images?

Yes I always ask for the release because it is fundamental for me to be able to communicate on the web the work I do and as a result it is important for you, spouses to have information about me. You have seen photos of other couples and other couples will see your photos.

12 – Do you work only in ambient light or do you also use artificial lights?

I love using ambient light because it is true and spontaneous like the photos I make and above all it allows me to tell and not invent, but in some extreme situations I am forced to use flashes managed with my team.

13 – How will our photographs be archived, will you do a back-up?

The cameras I use have a double slot for memory cards, this means that already as a photographer I will have the back-up of your photographs. Upon returning to the studio, before formatting the memory cards, all the work will be saved on 4 hard disks located in different locations.

14 – Retouching expression wrinkles, dark circles, waving ears, crooked noses, excess weight etc ..?

I do not like photo-retouching of this kind because it would compromise the philosophy of spontaneity, I only correct any pimples, cold sores or small bruises. I do not realize fashion photo shoots during the wedding day.

15 – How can I book for my wedding?

You can contact me at fotografo@mirkoveglio.it, or directly on your mobile phone. We can set an appointment to check all the options that I can offer you. You will have decided to hire me for your wedding, I will have you sign a contract that certifies and guarantees your choices and I will make you pay an advance as a deposit.

16 – How long do I have to confirm?

There is no precise answer to this question because every year there are extremely requested dates. In any case, for personal experience regarding the dates of the months of June July August September, advice at least 1 year before.

17 – Do the locations count so much for the success of the photo shoot?

It would be hypocritical to say no. All the places that revolve around your day are important and give the mood to your wedding. For example, a wedding preparation in a small, dark room will certainly not allow me to take high-level photos, nobody could. Always keep this combination in mind whenever possible.

18 – Mirko we met you at the studio and we really liked you, but we want to think about it a bit, can you mark the date and call us if some other couple asks you for the same date?

Unfortunately, I’m sorry but it’s not possible. I receive many requests for an estimate and it would become virtually impossible for me to write down all the dates and then contact the undecided. This is possible if you need 3-4 days, for longer times the date remains free and is blocked with the signing of the contract and the deposit.

19 – Mirko in your site and blog we do not see classic photos with relatives and friends … if we wanted some classic pictures with witnesses or parents or friends, could you do it? You know we care a lot.

Absolutely yes. A classic souvenir photo with an invited person is a memory that is independent of the philosophy of my work. It’s a kind of picture that I always do! Of course I never put them on my site or on my blog, they would not make sense. Maybe help me, with a written list of people to photograph, if you have special requests.

20 – Should we provide for your meals?

Yes thanks!


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